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Naau: The Lost Eye: Mystisch glühendes Action-Adventure für VR im Early Access gestartet

Mystisch glühendes Action-Adventure für VR im Early Access gestartet

Ähnlich wie Journey of the Gods wagt sich auch Naau: The Lost Eye in die Gefilde mystisch glühender, übernatürlicher Action-Adventures für VR. Am 25. Februar erschien der Mix aus einsteigerfreundlichen Puzzles und Kämpfen mit Bogen, Armbrust und Bumerang in Steams Early-Access. Unterstützt werden Index, Vive und Rift, die Vollversion soll etwa zwei bis vier Monate nach dem Start des Frühzugangs folgen.

Im VR-Titel erforscht der Spieler mit freier Bewegung zahlreiche altertümliche Ruinen, Himmelsstädte und Canyons. Dabei kommen laut Studio Gamebit auch allerlei magische Kräfte zum Einsatz:

Choose Your Own Weapon:
What is your fighting style? Choose your fighting technique and weapon while exploring your surroundings. A variety of advanced weaponry, special abilities, and combat techniques are available in this adventure. You can discover how to use your magical powers. Attack your enemies and defend yourself by defying gravity, throwing objects found in your surroundings, grabbing your enemies and throwing them into the air when you are in deep trouble, and much more.

Weapons and Defenses:
Access fireballs, magical powers, boomerangs, magical stones, flower guns activated by collecting power stones, some objects (i.e. sticks, pieces of wooden cases, or iron shield itself) found in your surroundings to attack your enemy or defend yourself by using them as a shield for extra insurance.

Battle against wizards, obsidian Golems, Woldham giant tree, little creatures, Giant flowers , Spider flowers , (i.e. poisonous flowers, bats, bugs), and much more.

Unique locomotion system:
We Offer innovative vr comforts for motion sickness for some players. You can switch teleportation while in game what is comfort for you. There are 3 options Teleport , Free locomotion and Dash teleportation. The choice is yours.

Realistic VR object , characters and environment interaction. You can grab and throw characters and objects around you or punch enemies.“


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