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Racket Nx: Zukunftssport im Neon-Look verlässt im Juli den Early Access

Zukunftssport im Neon-Look verlässt im Juli den Early Access


Wer wollte nicht schon immer mal Racketball spielen und sich dabei wie in einem futuristischen Flipper fühlen? Vermutlich niemand. Davon lassen sich die Entwickler bei One Hamsa und Waves Audio aber nicht entmutigen, denn ihr bunter Sport-Mix Racket Nx verlässt im Juli Steams Early Access. Als Headsets bzw. VR-Plattformen werden Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality und sogar HyperReal unterstützt. Die Pressemitteilung erläutert:

„Racket: Nx currently has a 9/10 ‚very positive‘ rating on Steam. It’s fast-paced and frenetic, taking place inside a 360-degree arena in which players have to hit different coloured wall panels to accumulate enough points to progress to the next stage.

Racket: Nx currently has a wealth of gameplay options including two single-player modes (campaign and endless play) as well as competitive multiplayer (online and local). The final build will be packed with even more features including dozens of new handcrafted levels, an extensive powerup system, new tile types, environments and more.

Racket: Nx also partnered with global audio brand Waves to use their Nx (named after Racket: Nx!) spatial audio technology, giving the game a uniquely immersive soundscape. No other game uses this technology. The game also supports cross-platform play supporting all major VR and Mixed Reality platforms including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and HyperReal. Cross-platform of this magnitude is extremely rare!“


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